April 15, 2020


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! As makeup artists, it is our job to make sure you look and feel your absolute best. To ensure we both achieve that goal, below are some great helpful tips for flawless skin and longevity in your makeup! 


Babes, you have to take care of your skin. It is highly suggested to have a thorough day AND nighttime skin care regime at least 3-6 months prior to wedding day, if you don't have one already. Having a great canvas  for us to work on will help the product look and stay LONGER. Don't have a current regime? Check out our skin care line

Hydrating facials including dermaplaning are great since it removes the peach fuzz and dead skin. Again, start this 3-6 months prior to see how your face/skin will react and adjust. 


Water! Water! Water! Keep your skin hydrated as much as possible. Adding fruits and veggies, and less of the sugars is great too. 

Alcohol. While most will not avoid drinking during this planning season, it is almost necessary, maybe try mixers that have little to no sugar i.e switch out the tonic for soda water. 

Sweating it out. The more sweating you do the more toxins you release. 


Start looking at makeup looks that you really like and bring them with you. Identify what you it is you like about it. Choose skin colors, eye colors, face shapes similar to your own. Pinterest and Instagram are great places for inspiration but stay mindful of edited/filtered pictures.  Yes - Kim Kardashian's makeup looks amazing but her makeup look will not look as desirable on Emma Stone, Cardi B or Demi Moore. As a makeup artist, we have a magic touch with using products to brighten the face or extend lashes but we can't change the bone structure of your face. 

Trial session is normally 1-1.5 hour. Recommend 3-5 weeks before wedding. Be your best self as you would on your day; hair done, jewelry, etc.  Wear a top that is similar in color or style.

Day of service allow at least 45 minutes or more. Rushing isn't necessary.


Most expensive or high end brands does not always mean better, longer lasting, etc. The technique applied with the products is what creates flawless looks. 

Not all artists carrying the same exact products in their kits. They may also not have the same brands that you have at home. With that being said, a professional will know how to apply where and with what. Be open about what you want and let them communicate their professional opinion. 


DO NOT TAN YOUR FACE !! Please! Tanning will clog your pores and set back all the work done with skin care, diet and working out. Foundation applied to the face is blended down the neck to create a flawless transition. If you are considering getting a spray tan for the big day, it is highly recommend to get one before your trial session as well. Your trial session is meant for you to see your overall look and getting tan after the fact, can change a look drastically with eye shades, cheek and lip colors. 

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